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It's simple, easy and saves my time and money. I wish I had this earlier, I strongly recommend everybody to use this portal. It's (the) one-point solution to all your tax queries. It's fantastic.... - Sopan J Upadhyay
It's a live guide to help plan savings and calculate tax at (the) same time. A must-use site for all taxpayers as it saves time apart from giving guidance. It does work perfectly. Thank you Taxsmile :) - Smita Lahoti
Tax filing has become a dream-come-true easy now. Earlier it was nightmare. Taxsmile has made the process a cakewalk. Way to go. Keep it up. - Updesh Kumar Singh
tremendously as it has saved me from referring to IT books, asking friends or anybody else. it has made me completely self-reliant. I had recommended this to my brother-in-law and I have also filed it (tax return) for my wife through this. - Atul Modi
...I just logged in to the website, entered my details, paid through my credit card and vrooooom.... it was done. The service is awesome and has reduced so many hassles. Taxsmile has got me as its customer for life. Cheers to Taxsmile. - Maninder Singh Kalra
because with Taxsmile I filed my tax in no time from my desk without asking (for) anyone's help even though I didn't have any knowledge of filing tax as I was doing it for (the) very first time. I appreciate the flexibility and the architectural standards of Taxsmile. Thank you Tax ;-) - Prashanthkumar B.V
Saved time spent standing in long queue at the income tax office during hectic business hours. - Mohammed Zafrulla
a big load off my head for this annual ritual. All it took was two cups of coffee on a cosy Sunday evening to file mine as well as my wife's IT Returns! - Vijay Sawhney
saving my time and reducing lots of efforts to fill the form (Income Tax return Form). It's the easiest way to file tax. - Sudipta Gon
as they took me through the process systematically and helped me gain knowledge on the best methods to invest for the coming years to help me maintain my taxes better. E-filing with Taxsmile has really been a Wonderful and Smiling experience with filing my taxes all the way. - Divya Shetty
Helped me file the return of my entire family including grandparents, parents, brother, spouse and myself. - Ankur Kheterpal