How Started India Pvt. Ltd. is a company duly registered under The Companies Act, 1956. It was conceived and realised by a group of like-minded professionals. They shared a common dream: to revolutionize tax compliance in India using state-of-the-art technology - a concept that was alien to taxpayers in India until then. Taxsmile designed a bouquet of end-to-end solutions to help the taxpayer file his income tax return. Taxsmile is the first Indian company having its own tax preparation and filing website, that is also an e-Return Intermediary (ERI) duly authorized by the Income Tax Department.

How Started
Quality Commitment

Taxsmile is geared toward providing the best to its customers. The online tax return preparation software undergoes rigorous tests using true-to-life case scenarios simulated by our team of Chartered Accountants before it can be used by the customer. Add to it impenetrable security, and you have an ideal platform to manage tax affairs!

Quality Commitment
Bank Grade Data Security

At Taxsmile, we understand how security-conscious today's customer is. We have taken several key steps to meet this need:

Bank Grade Data Security
  • Taxsmile uses a 128-bit encryption for transmitting data between customer's browser and the server.
  • Taxsmile is designed to "Scale Out". The application architecture has been reviewed for Scalability and Security by senior architects from Microsoft.
  • Taxsmile's core application is hosted on a "Web Farm" at an international standard, secure Data Centre, with disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Our application's Security Assessment has been carried out by Paladion Networks, leaders in this segment.
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